Quick Eats: Woodfire, Joya Lofts, Makati

Soup 🙂

I am usually curious about new restaurants. Especially those that appear to be hole in the walls. I have heard of this place, but since I am not a pizza fan, I don’t get all excited over it. But Ara chose the restaurant so we headed there. Sjeanz likes this restaurant too and raved over it.


I guess it was a bad thing that number one, I wasn’t really hungry and ended up ordering a salad that I shared with Ara and Karz. Then karz and I ordered and split a mushroom soup. Everything was just standard. Especially the salad. Even the presentation looked lackluster. The lasagna ordered by Seth, I tried a spoonful. But it was also too soft for me. All mush and lacked texture.

It was only after we met up with Sjeanz that she said that the meatloaf and chicken is good. which we all didn’t try. But as of now, that place is something I wouldn’t go back to.


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