Enoki and Chicken Saute

Boo. Matt would have left already by the time you read this, which makes me sad of course. But that would also be the last time we will be leaving each other. Yay. Next time we see each other is when I move there! Our petition for fiance visa has already been approved. Now I just need the real visa, with the interview and medical and all that.  This is all written September 8. So hopefully there will be updates by then 🙂

I have been getting my hands on the cheaper or more affordable kinds of mushrooms and it seems that the cheapest ones, besides the tasteless canned ones, are Korean mushrooms (aside from oyster mushrooms). They are about P50 a pack, all for the enoki, shimeji, and including the oyster mushrooms. The rest are button or the brown version, plus shitake or portobello which are expensive or about P200 to P300 per pack.I am not fussy and I love all flavors of mushroom. So right now, cheap is good.

I know that the enoki is used for grilling and in soups. They are wrapped in bacon or some kind of meat, and grilled. They are added to soups for their noodle like texture too. I googled some more recipes and found one that is simple and I know would be good for a packed meal at work.

Enoki and chicken saute. In the original recipe, they used pork. My penchant for fatty pork is still quite alive so I stick with seafood and chicken for now. So I first started with diced chicken breast, about 1/4 cup for one serving. I added some oyster sauce, salt, and water to it. I allowed this to cook. I loosened the mushroom while simmering it in the little liquid. They created the noodle like consistency they are known for. Taste, adjust seasoning. Eat! 🙂

Rice and enoki and chicken saute 🙂

Enoki and Chicken Saute Recipe

about 1/2 cup or 60 grams of raw chicken, diced
2 to 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce
1/2 cup chicken broth or water
1 pack or 1 fistful of enoki mushrooms, cut into thirds
salt and pepper, to taste

In a pan, place the raw chicken, oyster sauce and liquid and allow everything to cook. Once the chicken is cooked (will only take a few minutes), add in the mushroom and loosen it in the liquid and allow a few minutes to simmer and cook everything. Serve on its own or with rice.


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