My Non-1200 Calorie Meal

Did I tell you I gained weight from my Gensan trip? Well I did. But I have lost it already too. I just realized how frustrating it is to follow my nutrionist’s advice on how much to eat but realize it is just too much. I felt overly full but not satisfied. I changed it up a bit. I still stick to my serving of carbs and meat, but lessened my vegetables. Vegetables still is my first priority when eating, but not as much as the portioning said! I just try to eat vegetables in every meal. And you know what? I am losing weight steadily!

My 3 meals, plus my dulong in olive oil and Nut Thin Crackers, and a fruit smoothie. 🙂

So for this meal, it is not strictly 1200, hence the title. But it is made up mostly vegetables. Up top is my vegetable fried rice with sage chicken sausage (homemade with tons of vegetables too) composed of carrots, bell pepper, garlic, and chicken sausage in the rice, with the egg mixed in the rice before adding to the mix. Next is my purple rice recipe of mushroom, chicken and purple rice. And the last one is a repeat of my spanish style milkfish 🙂



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