Shimeji Mushroom Pasta

It looks pale. It’s all white, or off white. It may not be looking too photogenic, but this was really good. I cooked this first before the other mushroom mix so I wasn’t sure yet how this will come out. But I went through an easy way out. Pasta. Garlic based. How can you go wrong with that?

It’s all white!

First, I was feeling lazy and didn’t have any cooked spaghetti. So I used spaghettini. I cooked the garlic in water, added broken pasta pieces, add water and salt, and let the pasta and garlic cooked. I still have left over chicken (cooked from last week), so I used that up too. When the pasta was almost cooked, I added the mushrooms, let the water dry up a bit, then added a few grates of cheese. I also added freshly grated pepper.

And that’s it!!! It was so simple. Very light to eat, looks very pale too. But I am sure throwing in the darker brown mushroom, and then adding beef instead of chicken, will liven up this dish a little bit 🙂


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