Dulong in Olive Oil

20160904_092851Dulong. I don’t know how to describe this exactly. But it’s a lot of small fish. Or baby fish. Mom was telling me I just killed a billion fish  eating this. But I also like fish eggs, so that is kinda the same thing. They look like an ugly gray muck when uncooked. But I did read about a good recipe that I knew would taste great.

Being cooked

The recipe is from market man. But you know I rarely follow any recipe directly. One, his had wine, which I don’t really like flavoring my dish. So I change it up as I see it needed. First, I sauteed a lot of garlic in a lot of olive oil (I had to add some more once I added the fish. I let this cook first. Warning. It is really fishy. Once the whole thing was cooked (it turns a lighter gray), add the broth. Allow this to evaporate. Season as needed. I didn’t add calamansi directly to the dish but I can imagine adding it to liven it up while eating it.

Also, the batch I made turned out to be so little. Boo. 🙂

Me getting fat

Dulong in Olive Oil Recipe 

1/2 cup olive oil
1 head garlic, minced
a cup or so of dulong
salt as needed
about a cup of seafood or chicken broth
calamansi or lemon, as preferred

First, saute the garlic in the olive  oil until fragrant but not burnt. Add the dulong and let this cook first. Add the broth and let the liquid almost fully disappeared. Season only IF NEEDED. They are saltier than regular fish, have a strong flavor on its own. Then serve with a side of crackers and lemon/calamansi. Great as an appetizer. The batch I made was good for only one eating. My own fault. 🙂


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