Brown and White Shimeji Mushrooms

It was all accidental. We were buying carparts for my (what else/) car when we spied a small fruit store that imported all kinds of fruits. They have the typical apple and pears and oranges, but they also have the rare melons and the like. I forgot to ask from where. The place is called South Pacific Ocean. So I guess that’s where their stocks come from?

White shimeji mushrooms

So we were looking around. And I spied mushrooms I have never tried before! 🙂 They look like normal mushrooms, but at P50 per pack, it felt like a steal. So I grabbed two white ones, and one brown one. I haven’t decided yet what to do with them since I still want to know more about them.

Brown ones

Matt helped me find the name: shimeji. It apparently is Korean and doesn’t really , have an English name equivalent, maybe that’s why it was harder to find online. They looked quite pretty. And as a basic rule, I try these items the simplest way I can cok them. Well, I did try eating them raw. They were lighter. Like I can actually feel the tubes of the mushroom on every bite 🙂 The taste was mild too.

Cooked! 🙂

So I had one brown and one white mushroom pack each sauteed in some garlic. They were quite watery and I let the  water dry up a bit (and it made a nice thick sauce). They were very clean tasting and light. The texture of the mushroom kept well to considering I took longer to cook it since I “boiled” the liquid away. For P50 a pack, I will be buying this more frequently 🙂


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