Sage Chicken Fried Rice

Best way to use up  leftovers are usually pasta or rice dishes. I still have tons of my sage chicken sausage (I use less of it than my garlicky meatballs which was a more familiar flavor). So I decided that I do need to use it up more. On  a whim, I decided to make some fried rice for breakfast. With tons of vegetables, as well as using up my sausages.

Fried rice!

I had Ate Pines chop up some bell pepper, along with 3 pieces of my sausage, and I tossed in a small can of cooked dry peas.  All this were happily sauteing. I added half a cup of rice to this, plus salt and soy sauce. And that’s it! The flavors are obviously different. I am still so used to garlicky, or sweet, or both kinds of flavors in my meat. I need to maybe make adjustments to this.

And on a side note, maybe I should start cooking my rice, meat, and veggies altogether with broth. I can imagine it tasting so much better.

Sage Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

3 pieces of sage chicken sausage, diced (see recipe on site)
1/2 cup bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup cooked dry peas
1/2 cup rice
salt, to taste
soy sauce, to taste

In a pan, saute (without oil on my part) the bell peppers, along with the sausage and dry peas, until the peppers are cooked through (unless you like chomping it a bit raw, which is fine). Add the rice and break it up to mix it all together. Season with salt and soy sauce and toss more. Ta-dah!


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