Light Shrimp Bisque

Mom had about 3 kilos of shrimp peeled. And every time there are so much shrimp heads and peel like that, I cannot help but make a bisque or even just broth out of it. I do need more meals for my packed lunches and decided to go ahead with some shrimp bisque. But a lighter one.

Soup, and the rest of that day’s packed lunch

First, I just had the heads and peel of the shrimp chopped. I put some olive oil in a pot that could fit all of them, sauteed the heads until they were pink and added salt. I also added some shrimp bouillon. Then I added about 1 liter of water. I allowed this to boil, then simmer for about 20 minutes or so and let it sit. I strained it afterwards.

In another pan, I made a roux using olive oil and flour. I let this cook for a bit and then I started adding some of the broth. About 3 cups in all. I then added the cooked from fresh peeled, seeded and diced tomatoes that I put in the freezer from two weeks ago. I was looking for tomato paste, but we didn’t have any. I added salt and sugar to this and let it simmer for maybe 10 minutes. When the flavors were perfect, I added about a cup of low fat milk, instead of cream. I mostly relied on the roux to make the consistency of the soup bisque-like. I also added a bit of heat.

Serve with some crackers, and add some chopped shrimp.

Sausage, soup (with crackers) and pad thai

Light Shrimp Bisque Recipe

5 cups of shrimp broth
4 to 5 tablespoons of olive oil
4 tablespoons of flour
2 cups of stewed fresh tomatoes
1 cup milk

Prepare the shrimp broth and set aside. In a pan, make a roux by mixing the oil and flour, and toasting it until it turns light brown (to lessen the flour flavor). Slowly add in the  broth one cup at a time, whisking every time to make sure no lumps form. Once most of the broth has been put in (leave some to adjust its thickness to your liking), add in the tomatoes. Let this simmer for a few minutes before tasting and seasoning. Let it simmer again for at least 10 minutes after adjusting seasoning. As a final touch, add in the milk. Add more of the broth if you like it looser.


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