The Odd Pad Thai

We bought so much shrimp that I knew I would be feasting on a handful of meals with shrimp for the next few weeks. I cooked the shrimp in gensan with a lot of garlic and oyster sauce. And that was the first thing mom made me do again upon arriving. After a meal, mom made Ate Pines peel the shells so it would be easier to eat. Also, it would be easier for me to dump it in any of my dishes for a low calorie protein.

Pad thai, weird one, yes.

So that’s what I decided to do with it was make some pad thai. I also did have some cooked tomatoes I wanted to make use of. 🙂 But as I was looking for noodles to use, I realized that I didn’t have thick rice noodles which I wanted. I would usually go for egg noodles, but I wasn’t in the mood to do so. I decided to use sotanghon, or vermicelli.

SO first, I cooked the tomatoes, grated carrots, cooked leftover mung bean sprouts, and shrimp all together. I added some of the shrimp juice from another recipe and some of the sauce (oyster sauce and garlic) from the cooked shrimp. Then I added the noodles quickly. Followed by seasoning it with oyster sauce, fish sauce and calamansi.

Surprisingly, the noodles started breaking halfway my cooking. It was a lot frustrating. I decided to add an egg last minute to keep things “whole.” It tasted good but it did look a little bit odd Not as refined as my other pad thai. No oil used too. But it still does taste good. Just ugly 🙂


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