Quick Eats: Kalsangi (Dole Country Club)

Blackened tuna

I have eaten here before but for work, even though I did meet my brother and his family here before too. But it is always different when you go for work and pleasure. We are full from the past 2 days of feasting (with more fruits than I can remember eating in a while, which have not been blogged). But our last major meal is here for dinner.

Clubhouse sandwich

They are known for a lot of things like their bread (I ate it with my peanut butter and jelly!), their cookies, and their steak.We were able to buy all three! Plus some salads, clubhouse sandwiches, and their blackened tuna.  I also ordered a grilled pineapple and a platter of fruits for mom.

Steak! A really bad picture of a really good steak!

We were trying to eat less, or at least some semblance of normal after all the binging out from the meals before. (Hence the sashimi style of appetizer and their kani salad), but still the real runaway item from here is the steak! It was really tender and tasty. I wish I had the appetite for more, but I really didn’t and was too full! But next time I will make more space for the steak, and more pineapple 🙂

Grilled pineapple (chocolate sauce on the side)

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