Quick Eats: Saranggani Highlands

The family
Fish eggs

Our third major meal (our first was at home and I got too excited to eat to take any pictures) from our trip. This was a fancier place, with a view and all. It was located atop a mountain (or hill) that gave us a view of the coast and lush greens below us. It is also a hotel where you can stay.

Buttered chicken
Crispy tuna belly

We just walked in and placed our orders early. Same thing about having food cooked on order, you need to give them time to cook it before you get super super hungry!


So this time, we ordered fish head and eyes in sinigang soup, crispy tuna belly, sizzling fish eggs, buttered chicken, noodles,, crispy pata all or 4 people again. And my goodness, these were all good too! My favorite was the sinigang soup and the fish head and eye, plus the crispy tuna belly! I found those really good that I want to make them for us at home! If I can get those. The fish eggs, which I was expecting to to be better, was kinda itchy for my lips and throat. 🙂

Crispy pata

I am for sure coming back here. The view, the food, the company, etc. 🙂 Maybe stay at this place too! )


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