2 Ingredient Peanut Butter: Ehje’s

I remember reading that  good peanut butter should only have 2 ingredients on their ingredient list: peanuts and salt. I have tried to look for this but found out ALL local and imported peanut butters sold in a regular supermarket contain way more than those two. I went to a health shop that sold “fancy” peanut butter but the prices are exorbitant. I almost asked Matt to just buy me some from the US but I finally found one that was really good! Ehje’s!

A tiny one

I have been seeing this brand a while but haven’t really gotten into it. But when I grabbed it off the shelf, I was surprised that their regular peanut butter only had 3 ingredients! Peanut butter, salt, and sugar (Filipino peanut butter is sweeter than American brands)! I was tempted to just grab this, but was happily surprised to find that they also sold no salt and no sugar varieties!

Okay fine, plus peanut chips for the chunk

I have been trying to cut back on the sugar (failing mostly), and decided to try the no sugar one. I tasted it on its own but it was a bit bland than what I preferred. I bought e the whole thing and decided to at least use it. Well, the first I made is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (defeats the no sugar thing?) but YAY! It tasted really great! I thought I will be terribly frustrated with the peanut butter. But I am happy to discover a local affordable brand that provides a healthier option!


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