Quick Vegetable in Pork Broth Soup

I advanced my post for about 2 weeks in good timing. I wasn’t intending to prepare all of those, but I did. I just underwent some eye surgery on both eyes on two different days (one eye at a time) and now can see way better! Yay! Of course, it also put a huge sized hole in my savings, but I needed it.

20160820_172158So during my surgery, they put some breathing thing in my mouth down to my throat and I ended up going home with a very sore throat. I was looking for something easy to swallow, literally.

It was great timing that ate Pines had some boiled pork that she was going to cook into a soup in a couple of days. I ended up stealing some of the pork broth, adding corn, leeks, mushrooms, egg, etc. and some noodles. It was such a hearty but light soup that I was so happy eating it. Mom had it with rice instead of noodles. But it was so good, and quick, that I swear when I have my own stash of pork, chicken and even vegetable broth just in my fridge or freezer for days like these. 🙂


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