Sisig Tuna

I like sisig but the real one that is made from pork. This before was made to use up the not so fancy parts of the pig like face, brains, liver, etc. When it became commercial, like a great combination food with beer, people have been making this with the more available parts of the pig. I started using pork jowls before. Moved on to pork belly. Never did I make it with tuna because if I am going to get fresh tuna, I will make that into a seared tuna steak. But this was an easy thing to make using canned tuna (in brine as the nutritionist noted out). I might as well add a handful of onions to this, enough to amp up my veggie requirement.

Tuna sisig, rice, and mushroom

So first I fake-sauteed the onions (just placed them in a non-stick pan) and let them soften. I then added the tuna to break it up. I also added soy sauce, calamansi, and a bit of water to help it all get together and cook. Then I also added one bird’s eye chili.

I let this dry up. I realized that this one serving looks huge, but maybe because there is almost equal amounts of onions and tuna. It was a little too sour, but it gives a great kick.

I paired this with cooked oyster mushrooms, with my rice of course. I am looking forward to this dinner 🙂


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