Vegetables and Fried Rice

So when I started this dish it was supposed to be fried rice with vegetables, or veggie fried rice. A smattering of vegetables with a serving of fried rice. But since I compute my meals to maximize my vegetable intake (the portion of which is the significant change in my food recently), I ensured that these 2 servings of rice will have the adequate portion of veggies. I can easily just pair it with some meat without the veggies.


I need at least a cup of veggies of Veggie A and B a day. So I needed at least one cup of vegetable A and B, since these are two servings. I have 1 cup of cooked chopped sayote, or chayote or alligator pear as they call it (which falls under vegetable A. I also cooked some peas and carrots, for half a cup each, that fall under vegetable B. I first started with the vegetables, all set aside. Then I “sauteed” (in seasoned water) some garlic, then I added the rice, seasoned it with some soy sauce (diluted in a bit of water to spread easier), salt, and pepper. I added the vegetables and wondered how much one serving really is. But it looked a lot.

I put it in my food containers and found out, well, if I am just going to add meat in it, then it wouldn’t even be so much. Though this is too much vegetable for my taste, it allows me to cook meats that isn’t surrounded by so much vegetables. Although to be honest, it still seems to be a good idea to stick with a combination of meat and vegetables.


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