Chicken in Tomato with Olives Spaghetti

One of the reasons I premade 2 kilos of tomatoes into tomato sauce was because I like tomatoes. I like it so much that I have tons of it, and it was easier just having it prepared ready for use when needed. And I know pasta was going to be one of my default dishes to make. And knowing I have to consume at least 1 cup a day of high fiber veggies (plus another cup of the other kind of veggies), then I need something that I really really like.

I also have prepared cooked ground chicken in advance, for easier portioning. This is one of those times it makes it easier. I just put some tomatoes, some of the ground chicken, a huge handful of olives, and two tablespoons of evaporated milk together. I let that cook, adjusted a little bit on the salt and sugar, then (cooled it, for keeping, then) topped it off on some noodles! Done!

Of course, this is an easy way out. But really easy that I cannot remove it from my list of things to eat. 🙂

Lots of veggies

Chicken in Tomatoes with Olives Spaghetti Recipe

3/4 cup of cooked fresh tomatoes
60 grams of cooked chicken
handful of olives
2 tablespoons of  evaporated milk, or more of regular milk
sugar, salt, pepper to taste
1 cup of pasta

Over low heat combine all ingredients except the pasta. Let this cook gently. Season as needed. Pour over noodles.


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