Very Light Squash Soup

Nope. I am not kidding. And I shall emphasize the description “very light” again. Basically, I made squash puree in broth. How light can you get? (Maybe if you cook it in just water.)

I like squash soup, and it is such an easy way to eat vegetables without really eating vegetables. But this one was bordering on too healthy for me. I mean, I finished the two servings that I made in a span of two days. But maybe because I know if I don’t eat it then, I may never touch it again. 🙂

Sad soup

So I boiled 1.5 cups of squash in some broth until it was soft. I also added a bit of salt, then  just proceeded to puree it. Sure I should have added some herbs, but I really was more of going for simple (rather than flavorful?). So I thought that it would be okay. A little bit of cumin also went it, just for a kick. And that was it.

It was sad. I knew I was having pureed vegetables and it was heart wrenching. (Mind you, I may never feed pureed squash to any of my future kids.) I can do lots to improve the texture and flavor of this one. Nope, no recipes either. But it was still vegetables. Will try to improve it next time 🙂


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