Spanish Bread

I remember this bread or pastry (with its sweet buttery filling) from my younger days. We won’t always have it at home. But I remember days when I will be with my nanny or some other random people, and we will pass by a bakery and buy some of these. Those were not distinct in my  memory though, but more of like a blurred hazy thing that for all I know may be a product of my friend’s imagination.

Pan de Manila’s Spanish Bread

Spanish bread, it seems, was just named after the people of Spain, a bread in their honor (we also have pan americano). It is a simple bread, not too soft like pan de sal. The texture is more like ensaymada or a heartier dinner roll. Then there is the filling. It is made from margarine, sugar, and some breadcrumbs. It is then rolled up with this sweet filling inside sealed for all of its glory. So the most precious sweets are in the middle. 🙂

The corner bakery’s spanish bread

I ended up buying two brands of these. One was a default bakery known for their non-preservative breads, called Pan de Manila. Those did not disappoint. Though when I posted about it on Facebook, people recommended random corner bakeries that have these also on default. I asked ate Pines to buy me some. Those weren’t bad either but I did like the Pan de Manila more. Can anybody make recommendations for this one?

PS. I am also on the verge of making my own peanut butter since it seems there are two-ingredient peanut butters available here (I haven’t gone to the healthy store yet).


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