Bibimbap Packed Lunch Style

One of the first recipes that I have learned to ignore (or acknowledge) the presence of vegetables and not mind it is in bibimbap. And on my attempt to eat more veggies, I decided that this will be easy way out as long as I keep the portions properly measured too. Because when I do eat bibimbap, I go overboard on the rice, and everything else.

Bibimbap packed lunch

So I put some rice, cooked veggies, cooked meat seasoned with oyster sauce and sesame oil, and a teaspoon of gochujang. And that’s it! I will heat it up and mix it all up when I am ready to eat.  (1/3 cup cooked rice, 1 cup assorted veggies, 60 grams of meat)

My other meal for the day 😉

I realized I can pre-cook a lot of vegetables and just eat this like this. Like a default vegetable base. It is easy and tasty too. Excited to eat it for lunch.

And yep, the other is the hainanese chicken from the other day with some cooked mung beans 🙂


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