Frittata Sandwich

Sometimes, I am out, but I still want to bring my own packed lunch. Of course I don’t have a microwave or even a convenient time to sit down and eat properly. So I discovered a default on the go meal that I can just make quickly.

I decided to make an easy sandwich that I can bring on the go that has a mix of protein and vegetables. Vegetables. Really, though I eat salads and the like, putting a cup of lettuce on a sandwich is just unreasonable. So I decided to use some cooked veggies instead.

Frittata sandwich

The frittata I made is focused on getting as much veggies in there as much as possible. I have two eggs, one serving of grated cheese, a handful of olives, and half a cup of cooked tomatoes. Mom sees me cooking it and asks, is that a pizza? Fine, it does look and smell like a pizza. Add onions too and it will smell more like a pizza. 🙂

I cooked that using a small pan. I cut it in half, flipped it, to cook the other side. Funnily, it was the exact same size of my bread slices (whole wheat!) 🙂

I packed one up for lunch, and the other one was packed for breakfast the next day. And I also told Matt to make a big batch of this for easy eating and packing on the go. Yay! You can also add spinach, leeks, peppers, peas, etc. to this.


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