Hainanese Chicken with Leeks

I already made a stir-fry Hainanese chicken and posted it here before. But theat one came out too strong flavored. I remember watching those buzzfeed or tasty videos on facebook and decided to make it  like that, without the rice, but using pre-boiled chicken.

So first in a pan, I sprayed some canola oil. Then I added the ginger. I know it will barely cook because there is no liquid in there. So I quickly added the chicken (came from the fridge so maybe with a little bit of broth). I also added water, then some soy sauce. I think that was the flavor I was missing before. And instead of the usual sprinkling of spring onion in the sauces of the hainanese, I just dumped 2 cups of leeks (it was worth two portons) and let this cook. I also wanted the leeks to steam and cook through. First taste and it was soooo good. I ended up being so happy that I have two portions of this. The flavor is more hainanese than ginger (which was what happened to the other one. 🙂

I shall be posting a recipe but this is following my portion requirement.

Hananese chicken with lots of leeks and a side of corn

Hainanese Chicken  with Leeks Recipe

2 thumbs of ginger
120 grams of chicken (diced or minced, cooked or raw)
1 tablespoon of  soy sauce
2 cups of leeks

In a hot pan, spray some canola oil (or use about 1 tablespoon of oil) then add ginger. Stir-fry the ginger, then add the chicken, the soy sauce, and water. Allow this get hot then dump in the leeks and let this cook through. Once the leeks have softened (and the chicken cooked if you are using raw chicken), taste and adjust seasoning. Serve with rice.


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