My Own 1200 Calories

I made my own meals plan preparation this weekend. And though I spent the whole morning of Sunday preparing for the whole week, at least I know I have several meals already during the week that I can easily make without doing anything except putting them all together.

Hananese chicken with lots of leeks and a side of corn

My nutrionist explained how many portions for each group of foods should be eaten. Though it seems manageable, the most difficult part is getting the portioned vegetables that I should be eating. A trial for Sunday meals made me realized that I only eat about half the serving of fruits and vegetables, and those are on good days. Once I start measuring my vegetable, even if I like what I am eating, sometimes it feels insurmountable. But let’s give it a try for a whole month.

So what I ended up doing was peeling, deseeding, dicing and cooking about 2 to 3 kilos of tomatoes, that will account for a lot of my vegetables this week but I stored half in the freezer and half in the fridge. Some I will use for pasta, some as a marinara sauce, some just like a base of sorts. Then I also made some vegetable laden recipes which I will be posting soon.

More for other days

I may be coming up with several quick recipes too, on the fly. But I am planning to have several meals prepared every couple of days so I won’t be cooking everyday too. I hope this works out.


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