Banana Heart, Again

I have talked about banana hearts before in this post. The reason I am talking about this again is because I just realized that a lot of people don’t know about it that it is still an uncommon thing. Sure, heart of palm is more familiar. But not banana hearts.

Banana heart

I was explaining to Matt what it is. I told him it is like aborted banana fetuses. What a description, but it is what it is. I was telling him that the whole thing will become a huge banana stem with a billion banana bunches on it. But it is good enough to eat that we killed of those baby bananas.

Dead baby bananas

So in each of those thick layers, there likes one bunch of bananas, here still in fingers, that will eventually grow. The whole stem is about 4 feet tall, filled to the brim with hanging bananas on it. For those folks who haven’t seen this yet, I will try to get a picture of a whole banana stem!


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