Quick Eats: Tapella, Greenbelt 5


So many restaurants, so little time. I have been going to this area for the past how many years and I have never eaten here yet. Of course, there will always be new restaurants sprouting up every now and then, but this has been around for a while. I don’t know why we haven’t yet. But today is a first.

My onion soup

I was going to meet Sushee and Ara for lunch and Sushee decided on this place. I moved my diet for this by the way. I ordered some french onion soup and lamb paella. I skipped the tapas because I know I can down 3 tapas if I order the “right” (or should it be wrong ones?) tapas. Sushee ordered some jamon serrano on bread and squash soup.

Sushee’s sandwich

The onion soup is lighter than what I am accustomed to, less cheesy than what other restaurants serve. I didn’t try Sushee’s soup, but I was surprised at her tapa. It was actually a sandwich. I always think of tapas as an appetizer, but this looks like a meal, somewhat. The paella though was good. Though as expected, the lamb portions are small. But passable. It was good in flavor but I can make my own paella, and I always think that’s better of course! 🙂 Hmmm, so unless I plan on splurging on so many tapas next time, I will put this resto on my skip list based on food. But the ambiance and service is good.

Lamb and mushroom paella



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