Cadbury Lamington

I was looking up local Australian food the other day and asked my friend Sushee, who has moved there, if what is a Lamington and if she has tried it. She said it was like sweet treat with coconut and raspberry and it was okay. I knew that being able to try it here in Manila will almost be impossible so I forgot about it.


Weeks or months later, Sushee comes home and brings me a huge bar of Cadbury Lamington! Nice! I was so excited about it because I have only recently discovered my love affair of chocolate and coconut with the trial of the German chocolate cake of Cold Stone. Although I do not like fruits or gummies in my chocolate, I did like the Lamington of Cadbury. I do have to admit, either my taste is totally becoming different, or I am growing old.

I feel that at 32, I am old.


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