Taco Tuesdays!


Okay, so I had this on a Saturday, and not a Tuesday, but am posting it on a Tuesday so it fits, somewhat.

Matt and I had a conversation earlier last week with me asking what food will he want if he only have one kind of food to eat for the rest of his life. And he said tacos. Tacos can be beef, chicken, fish, soft, crunchy, etc. so it was quite versatile. And the conversation continued that I ended up wanting to have some. And I couldn’t, until the weekend (cheat days) arrive. So you can imagine how the momentum for this was building.

Spicy fresh salsa

On Friday night, I was already readying my ingredients, which were just taco shells and cilantro. As soon as I was done with breakfast on Saturday, I started working on this. I made the salsa early, chopping and mincing all the vegetable inclusions. I also shredded some lettuce for the salsa. I cooked the ground chicken, made guacamole, shredded some fresh steamed corn cobs, asked ate Pines to grate some cheese, etc. Everything was just in the fridge or in the pans. All I had to do was head some of the taco shells.

So once it was lunch time, I placed all of the food on the table and proceeded to eat. I wolfed down two tacos while mom and ate did the taco salad route.

All of the ingredients laid out.

One more conversation I had with Matt was how does he layer his taco. His was the typical layering of beans/meat first, followed by the wetter ingredients, and topped with the drier ingredients like greens and cheese. I on the other hand prefer a heavily stable taco, meaning that none would fall of in every bite (or at least try not to have everything fall off the shell. So I layer mine with the greens ,followed by the meat (to smush it down) then the other stuff like the corn, guac and salsa. So it all kind of settles down into the taco. Matt’s question was, doesn’t it get soggy, I answered that I eat if fast enough that it doesn’t have time to get soggy. 🙂

Taco time!

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