Scallops in Oyster Sauce

I rarely buy and cook scallops. I rarely buy them here because they usually come untrimmed with the ghastly chewy rubbery muscle. They are also small. And they are expensive. But mom bought some, supposedly to be used in the bibimbap. But I said that it still had to be properly cleaned before anything can be done with it.


So ate Pines cleaned it and I ended up spying it and trying to teach ate Pines how to cook it. But I was sorely afraid that she was going to overcook it and end up with the thing I hated the most, the rubbery things. So instead, I took reins. I heated a pan and sprayed it with some of my cooking spray, and seared the whole lot of scallops which I seasoned with salt and pepper.

I then added a little bit of oyster sauce, just to ease in more flavors, and, that was it!

In oyster sauce

It was quick cooking so it was done barely after I started. And it was tender and flavorful.

I don’t like the oyster sauce thing too much though, I want the scallop flavors to shine more. 🙂 But this worked for now.


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