Ice Cream!

Ice cream!!!!

Maybe because of this calorie counting thing that I get fixated on what I will be having during the weekend. Though I try not to indulge (I had avocadoes over the weekend, and yes, calorie wise, those are indulgent), I do try some of the stuff that I have not been eating for the whole week. Ice cream is one.

Sundae ice cream cone!

I didn’t know that McDonald’s now offer ice cream Belgian wafer cone, which is sometimes a reason why I like ice cream! And it comes into a sundae form with their signature soft serve, plus the caramel swirl! Yum, only P25 at that!

I also bought some of the household favorite Carmen’s best Pistachio and Coffee Almond Fudge. I also got some of Kelvin’s Merry Moo ice cream in flavors I have not tried yet for the kids like strawberry shortcake and honeycomb. I have only tried the strawberry shortcake as of now, and it was delicious 🙂


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