Philips Air Fryer: Potato Chips

The air fryer

Finally got a chance to play with this thing. My first I requirement was to actually use it for something that I would fry. Not cakes, nor grilled dishes. But FRIED. Hence, I tried making potato chips. I don’t do homemade potato chips in the first place. I don’t even like potato chips. But sounds easy enough.

Sliced tomatoes

So I followed the recipe from the productFirst comment, hmmm, it is not like potato chips. Some were crispy, some were soggy. The flavors of the softer potatoes was actually good, but they aren’t potato chips. The oil covering the items did drip off the potatoes so it makes it healthy I guess. But over-all, it doesn’t feel like it’s fried completely.

Semi-fried potato chips

I will try this new toy with some chicken fingers coated in panko .Maybe it will feel like deep fried.


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