Meals from Vanilla Cupcake

Beef Salpicao

One of the reasons why my “food business”, which is temporarily put on hold, has the name of Food Favorites. It doesn’t limit itself  to desserts or baked goodies. So when Vanilla Cupcake started branching out, maybe they didn’t realize they would ever branch out of their cupcake business. But with the row of restaurants all serving real food, they may have realize they needed to cope with their food options.

So they came out with these simple fares. Not their specialty not their core products, but since it was ate and kuya Dino’s choice to eat here, I cannot complain. The group collectively ordered breakfast fares of tapa and sweet tuyo (dried fish). I ordered salpicao. Mind you this was during my cheat days (away from my 1200 a day).

Their salpicao was really good for me. Simply made, tender, rare inside. A little on the oily side, but all good. The tapa and the tuyo were also good, but not what I would order. Ate also ordered pasta and soup, but it was okay, not hing fancy for me.

All in all, I think it would be a while before people discover their food options have changed. I still think that sticking to your core strength is advisable for any restaurant, but with their half empty display of cupcakes, it’s a sad look. I am very happy with their cakes too generally, so I hope they would be around for a while.


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