1200 Calories a Day!

My first day

For those of  you who haven’t noticed, I have been trying to eat better and improve my lifestyle since 2015. Well, longer actually but it was only in 2015 that good habits actually stuck. That first year, it was easy. I lost 25 pounds by eating better and working out. This year, I have been aiming to lose the same amount of weight (I have been keeping off last year’s weight loss!) but it has been very difficult. I am still eating right and working out. But maybe, it’s how much I am eating. I have already tried calorie counting again but it seems I am unable to account for it too well hence my plateau.

A light breakfast fare

Finally, I decided to go this route of ordering calorie portioned meals. I am on my second week as of typing this post, and I committed to at least a month long of this before juding it effective or not.

I used Diet Buddy because the menu options look good, their food had variety, and it was cheap too. A day would cost me around P340 plus delivery charge, which is about 120 per meal, plus a smaller allocation for the snack. Not bad. 🙂

I hope this is all good. And hopefully it will be effective too.


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