Chicken Honey Mustard

I was going through our pantry and was surprised to find that our big tub of “healthy” mustard, which isn’t really a big condiment in the household, is already expiring this year. I suddenly had to start of ways of using it. I am sure I am the one who bought such a large condiment just because it is, oooo, zero calories per serving.

With glazy sauce on top

Luckily there was a recipe on the packaging. A honey mustard chicken slow cooker recipe. It was absolutely easy, and doable at a moment’s notice. Just combine almost equal portions of mustard to honey (or honey and sugar, whatever you like). It should taste like the dipping sauce. I had to add a bit of salt. Then cook the chicken in it over low fire. And that’s it. I wanted a light sauce on mine,, so once I removed the chicken, I added water (you may use broth), and a little bit more sugar, and that’s it! Easy peasy!


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