Outback, New Spot with New Items

My fave bread from Outback

It seems that we always land in Outback when it is a celebration of mine, or something. I also was curious of the new location of Outback, which is now right along ATC instead of across the street, a little bit isolated. They also had a promo of free sirloin steak for every P1500 worth of food. And their menu has changed quite a bit from the last time I ate. They changed the blooming onion to typhoon rings or something, which reminds me of Rack’s Brick Onion. And, honestly, I felt that there were more stuff before. But we ordered a handful and it was all good.

Crispy Shrimp Salad
Typhoon onion rings

We had the typhoon rings, crispy shrimp salad, brick chicken, sirloin steak for me and ate, and another one (free one) for mom complete with all the sides. It was good, not too heavy as I feared, but the steaks crazy stuff. I miss Mamou’s steaks after chewing on those. But everything else was really good. The service was even exceptionally better.

Tough steak

I do like this new spot better. It is cozier, bright on a sunny day with their many glass windors, and maybe I will end up going to this place more often too.


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