Quick Eats: M Café for Breakfast

Beef tapa
My ever favorite filipino dessert/drink 🙂

I had eaten twice before at M Café, once on a (horribly gone wrong) date, but that allowed me to discover the wonderful desserts they have. That brought me to my second time there, which was just to have cakes. And this one, while I was looking for a brunch place, came to mind. They usually offer brunch buffet on Sundays. But it was a Saturday  that we made plans, and I decided to go through with my birthday brunch here anyway.

Crispy pork belly
High school best friends

I did ask for the menu in advance, not knowing what is in it. The specialties were the US Beef Belly Tapa (ordered by the majority). I ordered the crispy pork belly, Louie ordered the Alaminos longganisa. I was also curious about the daing na salmon, but decided to skip it. We ordered a round of drinks though. Ara had coffee, I had my favorite guinumis, Kars and Louie had the coconut melon drink.

It felt fancy with the fruits, salt, pickled papaya, and dipping sauces served ahead in separate boards. Then there was the main meal. The plate was filled with the rice, eggs, the main dish, with sides of tomatoes, and salted eggs too. The plate just looked like a nice feast to enjoy.

We all finished our food and I did find everything on my plate to my satisfaction. I am happy I didn’t go for the tapa which was cooked slightly sweet, which I dislike on my meats. I wish they do have more options though. The menu consisted mainly of the maybe 5 Filipino breakfast plates, some congee, and some American breakfasts. But the ambiance, quiet and food was all good. I love going back here and I will again.


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