7 Layer Bean Dip


I failed here. I made this because I have two bunches of cilantro that needed to be used. I was googling recipes to make, and then I saw this! I brought it for lunch the next day and was happy with it until I realized THAT I FORGOT TO PUT CILANTRO IN IT. But in reality, this is about as good as the one that I remember Ara bringing before to our get-togethers.

Some of the layers

We always have cheese, tomato, and onions at home. Good timing I have avocado, and half a can of beans in the fridge too. So that makes 5. I planned on adding ground meat, and a layer of my homemade yogurt ceasar salad dressing. Ta-dah. Of course, If I did add the cilantro, it would have been 8, and olives, making a 9. But 7 is a good number.

I had the ingredients prepared beforehand, even the lightly cooking of onions in a hot pan (I don’t like raw onions in my food). What I made was a the meat and beans. I mashed the cooked beans, then added it to the meat with about a cup of water. I also added random spices and rubs in the kitchen (just to make use of them) then added cumin, oregano, and coriander seeds that were ground. And ta-dah, instant taco-flavored meat and beans. If I added hefty amount of diced or crushed tomatoes, this would have become chili con carne. But that’s  a different story.


So once that cooked into a thick sludge, I placed the meat in the bottom of a tupperware. Then as Matt said, the wettest ingredients go down at the bottom. So I followed this with my dressing (replacement for sour cream), then with tomatoes, avocado, then onion, then cheese. I almost didn’t fit in its tupperware, but a little smushing managed it. I ended up eating this with chips instead of crackers but it was so worth it. I finished the whole thing with only several bites shared with other people. Yep, I ate it all.









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