(Un-)Mexican Beans and Rice

It was suggested by my previous recipe to  eat it with this. We always have rice, and I have canned kidney beans somewhere in the house. Perfect to make them together. I didn’t even bother looking up a recipe (or the provided link) when I saw it. I just figured that it will be like fried rice, but with Mexican ingredients. I decided to put beans, canned corn, salt, cilantro, and my rice altogether, and assume that that is what Mexican beans and rice are.

Well. I was wrong. Mexican beans and rice are actually more complicated. You can think of it as what you would put with the chicken in the previous recipe, inside a burrito. Well, I can make it next time, maybe buy a tortilla too

UN Mexican Beans and Rice

Mexican Beans and Rice Recipe

1/2 cup strained cooked canned beans
1/2  cup cooked canned corn
1/2 cup cooked rice

In a pan, cook the beans and corn until they dry out (I don’t like wet rice) and then add the rice and let all of this dry up a bit (Chinese style!). Season with salt and cilantro. Serve.


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