Cauli Rice


This ever booming vegetable has been steaked, seared, broiled, burgered, and whatever you call it. It has even become a popular rice option. I have never tried it, but finally succumbed to it after finding a really good piece of cauliflower in the supermarket. A big head worth $2.

20160612_085338I didn’t have to google anymore how to make it with the barrage of recipes that I went through before. I just lightly steamed this in salted water then drained it and cooled it slightly. I then put it in my tiny food processor (had to do 3 batches of it then) and pulsed it until they became almost like grains of rice. The texture is like loose rice. But if you are Asian, whom are you kidding, I know rice from cauliflower. But paired with a strong flavored viand, you actually don’t miss rice much. So yeah! Good idea hipsters! 🙂


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