Quick Eats: Mister Kebab’s Lamb Biryani

Happy birthday to me! I turn 32 today (saying it sounds odd in my head) and I would have been blogging for maybe 5 years now? Wow.

Biryani rice and lamb biryani

Though I try to not do repeats of what I feature here, when I find something unusual or blog-worthy, I do repeat anyway. And I am repeating Mister Kebab’s.I discovered this when I was working already, doing our store checks regularly and going around the metro. The branch that we use to frequent was on the other side of the world (a good hour drive on a good day, maybe 2 to 3 hours on heavy traffic days). Then they opened a branch near the office, had to move, and we waited for a handful more months or a year or so before we can have it again at ease!

I always order the keema, but I finally  braved to try a different item. I love biryani and the myriad of ways I have attempted this is  a testament to it. Though Mister Kebab’s version is FAR from authentic in style, it makes up in flavor, and serving too.

Biryani is what I call a mild curry. Not too hot, a little bit on the sweet. Usually, the rice is cooked together in the sauce, which is not too stewy or thick like Mister Kebab’s. But this was good. The lamb was very tender that I will repeat this eventually (after I do a round of keema). If I have enough extra sauce, I will take this home, make a real biryani out of the sauce (cook the rice in the sauce essentially) and eat it how I always do at home 🙂

Very good Mister Kebab, you haven’t disappointed yet! 🙂




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