Quick Eats: La Miripili, Alabang

Their menu

I have heard about this place and was quite excited. The last churros place that I enjoyed was La Lola and I found it really good. I had several chances to try this out, but I haven’t yet. So when I had to gas up, I decided to detour all the way to Alabang Town Center and make a trip out of this.

Original with the dip

We actually missed the place on the first going around because I didn’t recall the name of the place. I figured I would know it once I see it. But with the name La Miripili, and no word of churros on my first look (there it was on the top most part of the sign), we passed it. We had to go around, ask, and atually enter the place to realize it was that place we were looking for.

Dulce de leche and the coated one
Coconut cream and dulce de leche

The menu was quite short, or a lot. Other churros places had simpler options. They had the original Spanish churros, then the American style of having it filled, both for sweet and savory, and then the coated ones.

The original one, you had to buy the chocolate on its own, which is fine. The filled ones, I was expecting, to be as long as those found in the US which were like 12 to 18 inches long. They were like inches long. And the coated ones are apparently cold.

From where we sat. We all smelled like frying oil.

The really one thing I noticed here is how bad the churros was. The filled ones are freshly fried. They were more of lukewarm, and tiny. And chewy, almost felt like raw dough. Maybe because they were bigger? But the original ones, which are smaller, were also the same consistency on the inside, it felt raw. And the coated one, which was hazelnut flavored, was also disappointing.

On a row for bad restaurants. Let’s see what will happen to the next one And yep not going back here either.



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