Quick Eats: Boiling Seafood, Alabang Town Center

Menu 1
Choose your own sauce

I was asking ate where else to eat in the south. I don’t fancy much of the restaurants in BF in Aguirre because I think they are mostly over-rated. They do come and go. So ate suggested we do Boiling Seafood, which I have been looking at for a while. It has been on the list of “must-tries” on a lot of Google Searches. It is bad to say now that I think they might have paid off a handful of people to get on this list?


Ever since I started craving for the seafood platter I had in Maryland, I have been looking for great local seafood. Simply made, good for its price. I did enjoy Draft’s Seafood Bucket which had fried shrimp, fish, and mussels along with some fries. But I needed more! Hence ate’s suggestion.

We entered the restaurant and there were only a few tables occupied. It was past 1, but that was a scary sign. Also the place felt a little too grimy. Bad sign.

Their menu was quite simple. We decided to go for an order of shrimp, in sweet chili sauce, then an order of mussels, in cajun sauce. We also ordered ceasar salad for some greens, along with rice for the seafood. It’s the type of restaurant where they highly suggest to eat with your hands.


Their ceasar salad arrived with fake croutons, which are the Bread Pan, a snack from Oishi a local manufacturer. And I though to myself, well it is not their core item. So it was okay. Then the seafood.. To be honest, what they showcased, the different sauces, though good, were nothing out of the ordinary. In my case, what I thought was, oh, it’s okay, but I have no need to go back here.

The cajun was tomato based, rich, sweet and spicy. The sweet chili sauce was garlicky, buttery and spicy too. We do like our heat. But then, they are so easy to make at h0me if you cook. And considering their prices for the mussels and shrimp, it will be worth it if its cooked at home.


Not going back. Sorry.


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