Lentil Tempeh

Still not fermenting!

I have been making soybean tempeh since I was able to get my hands on some starter from before before and just recently. I knew that I can easily make use of other grains or beans but I wanted to use lentil. I wanted to use lentils because I got sick of how it tastes like on its own. Maybe making it into tempeh will improve its flavors for me.

Kinda getting there

I cooked a one pound bag of lentils. I actually overcooked it a bit to be honest. Then I just followed the same steps. I cooled it and dried it a bit. I added a little bit of vinegar, then I added my starter. I am beginning to love how easy to use this starter is. It is not even sensitive to anything (like my first batch which required to be “heated up” after not working.  The first 12 hours, it seemed nothing happened. The second 12 hours, it started forming nicely but it needed a bit more that I decided to leave it for another 12 hours. I will have to wait to get home before I am able to see if it is molding perfectly, which I think it will. I am excited to make use of this lentil tempeh. 🙂


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