Cacao Coconut Candy

My brother was in the city for two weekends of May because of a business trip he had to take, wherein his stopover is basically Manila. Yay for small perks. So I did recommend to him all the good things that Vietnam has to offer that he should try, such as coffee and the fantastic fruit they have. He bought another surprise though, this cacao coconut candy.

Looks good

I immediately tried it as soon as he showed it. It reminded me of chewy candies that I do find locally, but never have I found a coconut flavored one. And upon tasting it, it reminded me of the local delicacy called bukayo, which is cooked coconut meat that’s too mature to eat on its own, but cannot be grated yet. The delicacy cooked in sugar mostly, none of the cacao. But the taste was similar. The confection from Vietnam was chewy and flavorful, and the coconut flavor was very present.

Tastes even better

The thing is, I am not sure if Kuya left us any or if he packed it all to bring home to Gensan But I know that I will end up wanting it eventually too!


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