HELLandaise Sauce

Bleu cheese salad

Yes, that is obviously not a typo. I did put hell. I know that the hollandaise sauce is like a fancier mayo that uses oodles of butter instead of oil. And, as what Kars’ said when I said I dislike the sauce, it is what makes eggs benedict eggs benedict! Otherwise, it is just poached egg!

The conversation started out deciding what to order for brunch, and me ordering eggs benedict but requesting the sauce on the side. I generally don’t like sauces on my meats. I don’t like sauces when it is not necessary. And I do like eggs. I love being able to taste it the same way I do my steak. And that’s when Kars’ said it is what makes eggs benedict what it is.

Poached eggs essentially

When I got my food, and started eating it, I was so happy to confirm to myself how much I dislike hollandaise. Mayo, I can take on my sandwiches, just a tad, or on my salad dressing as a base. But I won’t be buying heaps of it to use on anything. So yes, hellandaise.

Really good. Want to make it at home!

Draft is definitely not a new restaurant on my list but I am happy to say that this meal, though crazy expensive for me, really was good for me. I ordered for myself a bleu cheese salad, and my eggs benedict sans the hollandaise sauce. Then afterwards, in Cafe Breton, I had an apple crumble which had graham cracker, stewed apples, topped with caramel ice cream and candied walnuts. Over-all a nice meal to spend with my closest friends! 🙂


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