Tempeh Ratatouille

I have always loved ratatouille. from the very first time I made it. I found the recipe in my Silver Spoon cookbook and occasionally make it until now because I find the flavors very familiar. I did tell my mom I like how homey it also feels, like the local pinakbet (which I really don’t eat it. And mom said it’s because of the bitter gourd, which I dislike. But everything else, except for the fermented fish sauce too, is about the same.

Usually, when we make ratatouille or pinakbet, we add some kind of meat or fish to make this a complete meal. This time, I use my beloved tempeh. And you know what? This is the best tempeh recipe that I have ever made. The flavors are taken on by the tempeh, maybe because of the longer stewing time (as opposed to the stir-fried dishes). And I do love how the tempeh is still able to retain its texture and nutty flavor despite the stewing.

Raw ratatouille

I ate a huge serving of this and I was so full and happy with it. I do change around the vegetables I put in it, like squash to zucchini or carrots. But the mainstays are the eggplants, onions, and tomatoes. Oodles of tomatoes. Going to make this and try it again with my new tempeh experiment.


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