Pink Guava

I asked my boyfriend/fiancé Matt if he has ever seen or eaten guava. I know that it is easy enough to find it in juice form, pink guava at that. But the fresh one. And he has never!

Pink Guava

I came home one day to the scent of guava wafting through the house. What does it smell like? I am talking about the pink guava here, not the scentless big green ones. Unripe, it smells like any other plant. Like green and wood stuff. Ripe, it reminds me of… human body odor. Now how appetizing is that? But if you are already familiar with the sweet flavors of the guava, you will not hesitate because of the smell.

The fruit looks like a huge calamansi from afar. Green and round. Their size is bigger than the biggest calamansi I have held, but still smaller than a plum. The unripe ones are rock hard, and the ripe ones are firm to touch, but soft inside. Once the skin squishes, you have gone too far.

I haven’t eaten guava for as long as I can remember, only having eaten it years before from our province. I immediately inhaled 4 of it while talking to Matt and showing him what the inside is, and that you eat it skin, seeds and all. I do miss this backyard fruits, those you can’t buy from the supermarket or even the streets. Yay for nice neighbors.


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