Tempeh with Cashew and Basil Leaves

My Thai inspired

I always end up picking up one thing from my travels that I really love. From Bangkok is the street-food style of the pad-thai, from Kuala Lumpur was the green curry and laksa, and so on and so forth. One unusual thing from my Balinese cooking class that I really ended up wanting was tempeh. It was treated like a side of some sort, deep fried. It was nutty and crunchy. I also did like their corn fritters and crazy spicy sambal. But tempeh was really good.

I already made it before, and this time, I bought my starter from a different source,. I had an idea already how to make it, so it was easy. Now I wanted to cook it.

My Thai inspired

I decided to go with a lot of vegetables, in a distinct Thai flavored dish. But instead of using meat, I would use tempeh like I would slices of chicken or beef. I then added carrots, sweet potatoes, and sliced broccoli stems to the dish, as well as cashews and basil leaves. The major seasoning was oyster sauce, which tied it all in together. And damn it was good. What was a portion for two became a portion for 1.5 people J

I don’t think that texture and bite wise, I would say that it tastes like meat. But I do like the nutty flavors of the soybean tempeh. It does provide the proper protein content, so I will enjoy it as it is. Or maybe as a nutty snack too.

Tempeh in its raw frozen form

Tempeh with Cashew and Basil Leaves Recipe

Olive oil
About 1 cup of tempeh, cubed
½ cup stock
2 to 3 tablespoons oyster sauce
About 1 cup of your preferred vegetables
¼ cup cashew nuts
10 basil leaves, torn

In a hot wok, add the olive oil followed by the tempeh. Let the tempeh fry a little bit in the oil. Once the tempeh has gotten a nice color, add the stock and oyster sauce to infuse the tempeh with flavor. After a couple of minutes, add all of the vegetables, I used sweet potato, carrots, and broccoli stems in mine, and mix it, letting it cook. Season and adjust broth quantity if needed. It doesn’t have to soupy, but not dry either. Once the seasoning is correct, add the cashew nuts and basil leaves and toss to wilt. Serve with rice.


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