Mapo Tempeh/Spicy Tempeh Cubes

So there is mapo tofu, then there is mapo tempeh. I just realized how this is like the spicy pork cubes, which I do love because of my omission of the fermented beans. But I am trying to stay away from pork meat (although I have welcomed back sugar in my life, in sensible amounts). I haven’t eaten it so long that every time I eat it as my main meat (as opposed to an addition to a vegetable dish), I feel nauseous. So basically, this is the spicy tempeh cubes.

Spicy tempeh

I didn’t want my tempeh to break apart as much as it did in my other dish, so I left them in bigger pieces. I first lightly fried the tempeh in olive oil, then added broth and tomato sauce in it. I used a little bit more olive oil, because this does not have any fat that makes the spicy pork cubes, spicy pork cubes. I let this simmer for a good 10 minutes, and decided to add slices of carrots and broccoli flowers. I added a teaspoon of chili garlic paste (hence the spice) and it was so beautifully easy. I love it. I think I am enjoying my tempeh exploration a bit way more than I did the last time.

Spicy tempeh

Spicy Tempeh Cubes Recipe

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup of tempeh, in slices
½ cup stock
¼ cup tomato sauce
1 teaspoon chili garlic oil
1 cup vegetable of your choice

Lightly fry the tempeh in olive oil until light golden brown in color. Then add the stock and tomato sauce and allow the flavors of the liquid to enter the tempeh. After bout 10 minutes, add in the vegetables and the chili of your preference. Allow the vegetables to cook. Serve. 🙂


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