Coke Life!

Ugh, my whole post just disappeared, and that was extremely annoying.


I am familiar with the other kinds of coke such as the vanilla and cherry flavored ones. They are only available in select stores, having to be imported to get here. But I am really only a fan of regular coke, none of the zero, diet, or light for me. I have read about this Coke Life a few years ago and was thinking that it might actually match up with the real coke flavor that I like.

Coke life

Ate wanted to try it too and bought a case each of the aluminum bottled coke and the coke life. I tried a sip when my mom opened one and I realized it just tasted like coke light. Or diet coke. And I found it disappointing. Sure, the people who would be switching from the artificial sweetener to a natural one would be praising this, but I don’t. I am going to stick to my regular coke, even though I only drink it about 3 times a year.


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