Organic Black Cherry Tomatoes

This is an odd one. I have never seen this before and was curious if it was any different from the ones that I have had before.

Black tomatoes

The skin was more of a green tone than black. But well, if it was green, it would have been an unripe tomato, which it wasn’t.


The best way I can figure out if it tastes any different was to pop one in my mouth like I usually would any other small tomato. Besides being sour at times (which happens to all tomatoes), it tasted like any other tomato that I have had. Nothing new or unusual, but a nice color to add to maybe a tomato salad, with a couple of yellows too.

I was surprised though when I cooked it for pasta, and blistered the tomatoes in the pan. The skin kinda comes off, and the color of the tomato inside was a bright red. Well, I never noticed because I did pop them in my mouth in one bite. But that was cool. 🙂


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