Cheese Chronicles #24 Creamy Havarti and Havarti Jalapeno

Cheese. My love relationship knows no bounds. I have already featured Havarti before, hence I only count this as one, though these are two cheeses actually.

Creamy Havarti

My sister bought them because they were on buy one take one (we are from the same mold). I think the havarti I had last time wasn’t creamy, just a normal one. So when I tried this, I was surprised of its texture. The nutty flavor was present, but it was almost like a melting cheese. I do still like it, I would love t have it on grilled cheese.

Jalapeno havarti

The jalapeno havarti was nice. The heat from the spices was really there and I would love to top it on pasta or even just a sandwich. Let the heat shine!

I miss exploring the cheeses. i have had a couple more that I forget the name, from the Spiral buffet in Sofitel. But it’s so hard to keep track of all of the cheeses there. The limited options we have here in the Philippines makes for a not too fun choice. Even specialty delis it seems have narrowed down their choices to a wide flavored variety of similar cheeses and cold cuts. Booo.

Is there a way to get different cheeses through the mail?



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